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Freedom Fest IV

We’re gearing up for #FreedomFestIV featuring amazing workshops and artists.

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Freedom Fest IV

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The GO!  Tour

Jarrell and author/speaker Adonis Lenzy
come together for The GO!  Tour this winter.
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The GO! Tour

Who We Are

Freedom Music Group is an indie record label building artistic communities that make disciples who change the world.
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Our Latest Album

Between Dreams and Reality

Everybody has a dream. It’s a sense of purpose that God has dropped in the hearts of all of His creation. And everybody has a reality. It’s the current day-to-day circumstance that we find ourselves in. On Jarrell’s latest EP, he writes through the range of emotions and light bulb moments that can be found a journey between dreams and reality. We are gracefully reminded that there is glory if we can endure the story.

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Latest video: GO! (audio)

Check out Jarrell’s latest single called GO! from his new EP GO! is a motivational reminder to pursue the dreams that God has given us instead of procrastinating and hoping that everything falls in our lap. It’s time to get up and GO!

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