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9 Signs Of Counterfeit Revival

Today you can here people constantly talking about the next great revival being on the way. Some have even said that they are currently experiencing revival. Others are too scared to call it a for real "revival" so they take it down a notch and...

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My 10 Recent Lightbulb Statements

Enjoy! 1. Reading let's me hang out with great leaders that I may never shake hands with. 2. Without the Holy Spirit, the pieces to the puzzle of life can be right in front of me and I won't know how they connect. 3. Don't set unrealistic expectations...

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Don’t Tolerate Sin!

I want to share a few things that the Holy Spirit taught me today. Today I was on my way to a chapel service at Christian Academy of San Antonio (CASA). I dropped my 2 1/2 month old daughter off at her grandma's house (it's...