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Facebook 1 LandscapeThe Masterpiece Arts Camp 2017 (Final)

Masterpiece Arts Camp 2017

If you're looking for a creative and fun camp for kids in grade school, then this is the camp for you. Jeneil and I are excited to team up with a local organization called the Cypher MVMNT to help raise train up the next generation...


Love the City Concert Series

Hey All, I can't put into words just how excited I am about this upcoming concert series. After some recent prayer, I've felt that a drive to invest into the artists and the music scene of San Antonio. I think I've always wanted to invest into...

Freedom Fest 2017 (Eventbrite)

Freedom Fest V Registration

We at Freedom Music Group are excited to host our 5th annual Freedom Fest, a high impact celebration of faith and urban culture! And we're gearing up for our best event yet! This year, it's all about focusing on the artists and sounds that are coming out of...

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Well friends, we are coming up to a HUGE milestone on a journey that is really just beginning! Wow, what a journey this has been so far. I look at the time that we have been involved in this Go Fund Me Campaign. 10 months. In...

NEW SINGLE – GO! by Jarrell

“GO!” is a single from Jarrell’s upcoming CD called Between Dreams and Reality. Help Jarrell finish his CD by clicking here:: (Lyrics below) LYRICS: Chorus: Ready Set Go! I see the gun in the sky I’m ready Ready Set Go! This moment is do or die I’m ready Ready Set Go! I’m...

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Dreams to Reality Fundraiser

HEY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!! We’re excited to announce that we are currently producing a new EP called “Between Dreams and Reality” and launching a music tour this fall! We can’t wait to encourage people all over the country to dream again. Our goal is to fund...