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NOW BOOKING: The Dreams to Reality Tour

“THERE IS GLORY…IF YOU CAN ENDURE THE STORY.” So many of us are stuck between a dream that God has given us and our current reality. We passively watch the dream that God has given us for inspiration become a source of frustration. We feel stuck...

“What would Johnny Do?” part 2

Part two of this comic is finally released! Big shout out to I Am Forerunner for putting this out! Check out Jarrell’s new song added to the “Johnny’s iPod” playlist! It’s called “Sunday Drive” and you can download it for free HERE! Listen to the song here: ...

Download Jarrell’s Free Mixtape

If John the Baptist were alive, what would be in his iPod?? Only one way to find out. “Johnny’s iPod”, Jarrell’s new mixtape, is now available for free! The first collection of songs to hit the iPod include the bold new anthem “#SocialSuicide”, the thought...