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#BackToBasics Devo – Luke 4-7

Luke 4 - Jesus starts His ministry off in Holy Ghost power after a season of temptation. The Spirit comes upon men for a purpose. Jesus always spoke with authority. The crowds knew the difference between speech with authority and speech with no authority. Luke 5...


#BackToBasics Devo – Luke 1-3

Luke 1 - Zechariah's voice was restored after his act of faith and willingness to break from tradition. Luke 2 - Even though Jesus walked in deep revelation, he submitted to his earthly authority. Reminds me of when Samuel. Although he was God's chosen prophet, he...


#BackToBasics Devo – Mark 13-16

Mark 13 - The first warning that Jesus gives about the end times is a warning against deception. I also love the encouragement to allow the Holy Spirit to speak through me during difficult times instead of leaning on my own premeditated speeches. Mark 14 -...


#BackToBasics Devo – Mark 10-12

Mark 10 - The kingdom of God is all about heart change and humility. Mark 11 - Unforgiveness can hinder your life of faith. Get things right with others before you step out in faith. Mark 12 - The Pharisees and Sadducees thought based on their traditions,...


#BackToBasics Devo – Mark 6-9

Mark 6 - Knowledge ABOUT Jesus without relationship WITH Jesus breeds comtempt and unbelief. Mark 7 - "In vain do they worship Me, teaching for DOCTRINE the commandments and tradition of MEN." The heart matters most. Mark 8 - Sometimes miracles can be a process. Mark 9 -...


#BackToBasic Devo – Mark 3-5

Mark 3 - A house divided against itself can't stand. The strong man needs to be bound first in order to plunder. Jesus' bond with the family of God was deeper than his bond with earthly family. Mark 4 - The cares of the world, the...


#BackToBasics Devo – Matt 21-24

1. Chapter 21 - Jesus cleanses the temple, establishes that it is to be a house of prayer, and he follows this with miracles. 2. Chapter 22 - Love God and love people 3. Chapter 23 - Legalism majors on the minors and minors on the majors....


#BackToBasics Devo – MATT 18-20

Matthew 18-20 1. Never realized how much the whole chapter (18) talks about offenses and forgiveness. Awesome! 2. In chapter 19, Jesus is the master of answering the question behind the question. 3. In chapter 20, Jesus is more fair than we may like Him to be. And...