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RISE: A Dream Within a Dream (The BIG Picture)

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RISE: A Dream Within a Dream (The BIG Picture)

Have you ever woken up from a dream only to find that you were STILL DREAMING? Have you ever experienced a dream WITHIN a dream? Those are the craziest, most interesting, and most fun kind of dreams for me. In those dreams, we come to understand that stories which seem to be isolated are actually a part of a bigger picture. *insert Inception theme music* That’s exactly how I feel about my life right now.

If you’ve been following my story, then you know that this whole thing started out with a dream. Figuratively speaking, I’ve had a long-time dream of one day being a full time recording artist and minister. Although I’m currently employed at a church, my ideal situation would be to serve without the need to be paid as a staff member. I would love to make a living by doing what I love the most – music. In my pursuit of this dream, God would later give me a night dream that would map out the course of my family’s life for the next EIGHT years. It sounds crazy, but it really reminded me of some Joseph or Daniel type of stuff from the bible! To make a long story short, the dream started playing out in real life. Each season of my life, from then until now, can be categorized in certain scenes of a night dream that I had years ago.

So here we are today. A lot has changed since that dream. I’ve been blessed to be a part of some great opportunities. I’ve been the opening act for some of the best artists out right now. I’ve toured through different parts of the country with my own music. Beside the fact that I feel like I’m juggling a million things at once, I feel like life has been pretty good! It’s in this time of blessing that I’ve received my “aha” moment. I’m called to be a forerunner, and this journey wasn’t just for me. While I have a God-given dream of making a career out of music, God has a bigger dream. He has a dream for the city of San Antonio and beyond. He has a dream for the world. As grand as my dream may be to me, my dream is really just a dream WITHIN a dream! With this in mind, my question then becomes, “God, what is your dream and what is my part in it?” I believe that He’s answered that question for me.

First, God has a dream for my first ministry – my wife. As much as I love her, God loves her even more. He wants to see her become all that she was created to be even more than I do. My part to play in His dream for Jeneil will be to help lead her into her destiny while using my platform to give her voice the greatest reach that I can give it. God has given her a well of wisdom, and it’s her time to share it!

Second, God has a dream for His people to reach and strengthen the arts community in San Antonio and beyond. My role in God’s dream for the arts community is to create, strengthen and equip artist communities to intentionally live on mission in the arts space.

You’ll see how all of this unfolds really soon.

One of my bible school teachers used to say, “Someone is waiting on the other side of your obedience.” It’s a sobering thought that someone is counting on me to reach my full potential so that they can reach their full potential. Losing cannot be an option. For God’s glory and for the good of humanity, I MUST RISE. I want to encourage you to RISE UP! People are counting on you to win.


Jarrell is a rap artist, the founder of Freedom Music Group, and the leader of The Scribe Collective which serves as the hip-hop arm of Eddie James Ministries. Jarrell also serves in leadership at Faith Outreach Center International. He and his wife Jeneil are the proud parents of two beautiful girls, Nyomi and Liviya.

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