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NEW SINGLE – GO! by Jarrell

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NEW SINGLE – GO! by Jarrell

“GO!” is a single from Jarrell’s upcoming CD called Between Dreams and Reality. Help Jarrell finish his CD by clicking here:: (Lyrics below)


Ready Set Go!
I see the gun in the sky I’m ready
Ready Set Go!
This moment is do or die I’m ready
Ready Set Go!
I’m in the fight of my life I’m ready
Ready Set Go!
We were made for this moment and we ain’t got time to blow, don’t blow it, ready set go!

Verse 1
Let me take it there, can I get a witness
If you’re grind time is on overtime & you about your Father’s business (oh yeah)
That ain’t no difficulty, that’s fitness
While you’re steady fighting that good fight ’cause you faith more & you fear-less
You might be falling down, pick it up where you left off
You better tell Goliath it’s bets off ’cause you know you’re taking his head off
No more living at the rest stops no days off & no more disguise
I lost control & I’m horrified
God I never felt more alive

You see the fear in my eyes
I know it’s all on the line
It’s coming down to the wire
I’ve got a fire inside, you’ll never kill my desire
I’m alive

Verse 2
You know everything that worth something’s gonna cost something
Welcome to the family everyone of us has lost something (oh yeah)
You know real fire’s gonna spark something
Don’t look for reasons you can’t do it no hesitation just start something
I know you feel the weight, the weight that one decision makes
Can’t pull the trigger you’d rather wait ’cause there’s life at stake when your risk-taking
You know it’s God, take the shot & move out the way it’s on His plate
You serve a sovereign God who’s grace is big enough for your mistakes

Ready Set! Let’s Go!
No more holding back
We ain’t promised tomorrow
Right now, that’s all we’ve got
Every second is borrowed
Every second is borrowed (2x)

Written by: Jarrell, Joseph Carranza and Michelle Carranza
Produced by: Joseph Carranza (8twenty Productions)
Additional production by: O’Brian “OB” Martinez (OnBeat Music)
Mixed by: Adrian Lopez (8twenty Productions) and Levester White (Pure Media)



Jarrell Flowers

Jarrell is a rap artist, the founder of Freedom Music Group, and the leader of The Scribe Collective which serves as the hip-hop arm of Eddie James Ministries. Jarrell also serves in leadership at Faith Outreach Center International. He and his wife Jeneil are the proud parents of two beautiful girls, Nyomi and Liviya.

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